To listen to a talk by Prof. Ulansey on the current mass extinction crisis, click on the link below ("Audio"). The audio is in "mp3" format-- it should start playing automatically with your computer's default audio program when you click on the link (some web browsers will download a small file to your desktop that you then have to click on to start the audio playing). The talk, which lasts about 45 minutes, was presented on November 6, 2004 to an audience of several hundred people at the San Francisco Green Festival, a large gathering of environmentalists and supporters.

Note: there is a 10-second silence about 3 minutes into the talk when Prof. Ulansey was working on getting the video projection from his computer to function properly. Also, in his talk Prof. Ulansey mentions the name "Scott Peterson" several times. Some listeners, especially outside the United States, may not know who that is. He is a man who was the object of a "media frenzy" in the United States at the time Prof. Ulansey gave this talk. He was on trial for murdering his wife (like O.J. Simpson), and the story was given endless coverage by the U.S. media while they ignored completely the imminent mass extinction.


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