What We Can Do


At the moment most people are still totally unaware of the mass extinction crisis.

But that is actually a hopeful sign!

Why hopeful?

It is hopeful because it means that humanity has not yet awakened to its situation! If it IS awakened, tremendous resources of wisdom and energy can be activated extremely quickly to do what is necessary.

How do we know that such a rapid activation can happen?

We know it because human cultures have demonstrated countless times their ability to leap instantly into action when they become aware of danger (for example World War II, or the recent response to September 11).

Our central problem right now is that people are not yet aware!

So the first thing we can all do is communicate the information about the crisis as widely as possible. SPREAD THE WORD! Organize a discussion group, a teach-in, an email campaign, a mass movement! The anti-war movement of the 60's did this-- and the Vietnam war was of absolutely no significance compared to the crisis we are facing today. But act quickly! The situation is extremely urgent, and we don't have much time before it will be too late.

In order to make this easier for you to do, I have now registered the easy-to-remember domain name "massextinction.net" -- anyone who types "www.massextinction.net" into their browser will automatically be taken to the "Mass Extinction Underway" home page.

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The second step is to educate ourselves. The most authoritative, comprehensive, readable, and up-to-date book on the mass extinction crisis is The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson, the renowned Harvard biologist and two-time Pulitzer prize winner who is considered to be the world's foremost expert on natural history. You can order it from amazon.com here:



The third step is to join with others in collective action. Find the organizations that are closest to you and connect! Here is all the information you need:


There are amazing people already dedicating their lives to saving the earth, but they cannot succeed by themselves-- HELP THEM!


Finally, demand that our governments at every level immediately raise the extinction crisis to the top of their agendas. Contact your representatives, change the way you vote, engage in non-violent civil disobedience. Humanity is in danger, the planet is in danger, life itself is in danger. BE BRAVE!!!



If space aliens came down and began to systematically dismantle the ecological infrastructure of our planet, if they began to destroy species by the thousands, to change the climate, to inject dioxin into mother's milk, to pump hormones into rivers, to turn the seas into dead zones, what would we do?


-- from Cafe Utne interview with Derrick Jensen (slightly revised) --



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