A Secret History of the World
by Allen Ginsberg, circa 1968

(Note: to my knowledge this text has been published only once-- in the liner notes to a record album of Ginsberg singing William Blake's "Songs of Innocence and Experience." It is a commentary on Blake's poem "To Tirzah.")

The entire phenomenal sensory universe is a mental Illusion mothered by Ruha, Tirzah, Sophia, Momma Nature Creatrix Consciousness herself a shadow reflection of the Abyss of Light shuddering a second flashing on itself. In Beginning the Word (Sophia Mother Wisdom Knowledge Tirzah) flash-imagined all Aeons down to Jehovah's Garden. The Serpent was the Caller of the Great Call, disguised messenger from the Abyss of Light, according to the Mandean Gnostic heresy suppressed around 313 A.D. Rome when Constantine Emperor (CIA) accepted Christ took over Religion and suppressed revolutionary hip gnostic Illumination of the fake Authority of the Material Universe itself. The Roman State coopted religion at Council of Nicea and burned all Dissenting metaphysical doctrines. This established the Satanic State, presently headed by Richard Nixon, Jehovah in disguise forgetting to whom he is beholden, son of Elohim, Descendent of Ialdabaoth, only a flash of Sophia's Consciousness, herself a flash of selfconsciousness in the Infinite Abysse of Light. The Shekinah was too great for the 7 cups the 7 Sephiroth, the seven Chakra centers of the human body, which shattered. Now the Rabbis are occupied giving the light back to God. We will return to the Abyss of Light. It is raised a spiritual body.